The smartest way to power your kitchen

Introducing the Z-1, the most advanced machine that turns food waste into renewable bio-gas.

Renewable Gas Energy

Yes believe it! Generate  clean energy with household food scraps.  Our enclosed design makes it easy generate enough biogas for all your household needs.

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We enable communities to participate in a future built on renewable biogas energy.

Hylas Energy is in the energy business, so its our priority to enable every person, no matter the location to be more productive with biogas energy. Enabling more emerging communities  around the world, to participate in an equitable solution by providing reliable bio-gas energy.

Energy Savings

Explore a smarter way to get rid of food scraps, and generate the energy you need. The Z-1 enables anyone to transition to a safer and more healthier way of cooking.

Indoor Farming

Wait! there's more, the Z1 promotes a healthier lifestyle for all households. By internally recycling the leftover food scraps, liquid fertilizer is an additional byproduct. Filled with multi-nutritional elements from nature, providing families with fresh organic produce right in their own home.

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How it works:

Biogas is a renewable energy source, produced by the fermentation and decomposition of organic matter (food waste). Biogas maintains a similar composition as natural gas. The Hylas Energy Z-1, makes it possible for biogas energy  to be utilized as a safer and more sustainable renewable fuel source for any household.


How can you benefit from the Z1 ?

1. Activate: The bacteria actively breakdown organic matter (food scraps), think of them as live cultures which thrives on food to produce energy.  

2.Connect: Once the Z1 has detected a safe amount of biogas being generated, you'll be alerted and ready to use your biogas.

3.Release: Now its time to cook any favorite meals and capture your liquid fertilizer ready to help grow fresh produce at home.